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 for Arduino and Raspberry Pi

Thank you for your order. The links below will guide you through the assembly steps for each of the kits. And you'll find a short Arduino program to operate your new BreadBox; the program is very simple but gives you a place to start.

 We hope you have lots of fun with your new toys.


The BreadBox

How to buy a BreadBox

The Assembly Guide for the BreadBox

Once you have your BreadBox assembled, you'll want to try it out. To get a short, simple Arduino sample program for the BreadBox, use this link:

Right click here and select "download link" or "save link"


The Logo Box

 If you have purchased a Logo Box kit then here's How to Assemble the Logo Box for your BreadBox



How to buy a GPIO LED Board

The Assembly Guide for the GPIO LED board

(If you have the older Rev3 board, use this document: Rev3 Assembly Guide)

NOTE 1: If you receive a GPIO LED kit with a solid board connector, I have found that the plastic edge of the connector overlaps slightly with one of the LED mount points. If you have a kit like this I recommend that you change the order of assembly. You should mount the board connector *last* instead of first. If your kit has the header pins instead of the solid connector then this note does not apply. 

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