it's all about Fun software

Fun indeed. As a software developer at heart, I have to have me hands on the keyboard ta be happy. Mobile devices and their ability to bring new interaction modalities into play stimulate my own passion to see a seamless integration between

Ok, ok. I'm just in it for the fun.

Who is shimpware?

Hi my name is Jim and I'm addicted to software development.

ShrimpWare is really Jim Schrempp - me. I had a day job as VP of Product Development for Audible Magic. I am also a co-founder. I retired in 2017.

ShrimpWare is just for fun. In their off time Editors write; Carpenters build; Gamblers gamble; Software Engineers write little apps. ShrimpWare is not about making money, it's about learning the techniques and market for mobile apps and now, IoT devices.

Still, the measure of good software is that people use it. Good games get people talking. I hope we (me) can do that for you.

You can read more me on my  web site.