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ShooFly is a single player whack-a-mole type game. An annoying fly lands on your food and crawls around in a life-like way. If you don't like flies on your food, this should creep you out. We put considerable effort into the behavioral algorithms that drive the flies.

Players progress in the game by causing the flies to take off. They can be shaken off or tapped. Each game level starts with the flies having a certain amount of power. Each time they are forced to take off, the flies lose power. While a fly is walking on the screen it regains power. To win a level you must get the flies power down to 0 before the time runs out. You get extra points for time left on the clock after the flies power reaches 0. 

The game has 10 levels to work through. It also offers four levels of game play from Easy to Insane. You can choose from "nice" backgrounds of good looking food to "ugly" backgrounds of some, well, pretty ugly stuff.

You used to be able to purchase it for $0.99 on iTunes. Unfortunately Apple did a big purge of apps in late 2016 and I did not want to do the work to keep up. So, ShooFly is now just a memory. Maybe I'll wake it up some day.

ShooFly version 1 is available for free on Android phones. It is a simpler game with only one level, one fly, and some optional backgrounds.

Alas, Apple put more requirements on me and ShooFly is no longer available. It was a grand app while it lasted. RIP ShooFly.


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LOTTO reminder lite

Lotto Reminder Lite helps you keep track of the lottery game of your choice. It tells you the current jackpot and gives you the winning numbers from the previous game. Many lottery apps do the same.


What makes LRL unique is that it will alert you when the jackpot grows larger than a threshold you set. Say you only want to play Powerball when the jackpot is over $100 million. You can set and forget. When the jackpot reaches $100 million LRL will pop an alert to remind you that it's time to buy a ticket - or two - or three.


The original Android version ran in the background so you never have to bother with it until you get a jackpot alert. The iPhone version is no longer available. It was fun while it lasted - I learned a lot.


Lotto Reminder Lite Help Page



You are no doubt asking yourself, "what kind of hardware?" The best kind. We have recently joined TechShop, a wonderful place full of handtools, CNC tools, molding tools, and other stuff we don't even know about. We have been busy making small things from large things, and creating a lot of dust in the process. The items here are not really for sale, but if you feel you have to have something, send us an email and we can talk about it.



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