Fun software that keeps me jumping.

Me jumping? No mistake there. Lively apps are hard to make and keeping them interesting to you means I have to keep alert. No slacking off. My day job keeps me plenty busy, but making fun apps to play keeps my creative juices flowing.

We're busy

We now have two games for your enjoyment and our new hardware section.

ShooFly lives! See the Products page for more information and tips on how to play.  It's a short little game you can play while waiting in line for a latte or a root canal. It offers 10 levels to work through with stunning graphics and 4 levels of difficulty to keep you challenged. We have some plans for a clever multiplayer version too.

LottoReminderLite is a handy tool if you like to play the lottery. See the Products page for more information and tips on how to use it.


Why are the shoofly graphics so crude?

A good game is in the play, not in the menus. Simple graphics help to remind us that the value you pay for starts when you touch the Play button. At ShrimpWare we put all our energy into making the game experience tight and right.

Who really cares about a good looking Options screen? And, to be quite frank, who cares what this web site looks like? Why are you even here? (Drop us an email and let us know what you expected to find when you came here.) Bottom line, we need an online presence and so here you have it. (Those nifty professional images on the right? Yep, they came free with the site template. The web equivalent of those photos that come with the picture frame. Lorem Ipsum lives!)

What we ask of you, is to enjoy our software. If you do, let us know. If you have some suggestions, send them in - we *love* your suggestions.

If you hate the software? Send us a note and tell us why. Then delete it from your device. And do us a favor: don't tell anyone else!