Your Privacy is our concern.

We do not intend to collect any personally identifying information from you without your knowledge. If you participate in a leader board or other community aspects of our products, then information you choose to share, such as your winner's name and score, may be made available in ways that other people can see.

Privacy Statement

Shrimpware games may collect information from your game that helps us improve the gameplay overall. We do not intend to collect any information which could identify you personally. Our only interest is in improving game play. We may collect such begnign information as how many times the game has been played, for how long, and on what difficulty settings. All of this is intended to allow us to improve our product offerings.

If you participate in one of our multiplayer or GPS enabled games then information about you could leak to other players. Imagine that you choose a player name for yourself and then enter a multiplayer game. Other players will see your player name.

We have no desire to send you spam or sell information about you to other people. Please don't spam us.